To Vlka Fenryka members, an issue of the Fenrysian Herald, Issue #2


Carried by Guild Astropathica via meme-wave 11~x.0106 secure


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Origin: Fenris, Fenris System, Segmentum Obscurus origin date: 130.017.M40

Received: Arkhona, Atreyan Sub, Scyllan Sector reception date: 160.017.M40

Transcript carried and logged as per header

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Author: Thor Banewolf - Valgar Bloodaxe


Hjolda brothers to another issue of the Fenrysian herald. In this month’s issue you will find new columns such as Pic of the Month, New Litter and Bad Wolf Radio. Also new material on our standard columns such as Promotions and Awards; and of course news from May all over.   


[VI] Thorwrath I love this shit keep it going!
[VI] Valgar Bloodaxe tag Glad you like it :d Let see which pic will get featured next month.
[VI] Vegi Bloodclaw tag ... I wasn't expecting Vegi as the pic of the month! Hah oh man... Gravi is going to like that. Thanks much guys...