Name: VI Gaming Community (Also VI Legion, VI, Vlka Fenryka)

Tag: [VI]

Symbol: As symbol of the VI is appointed the Vlka Fenryka Blue Banner designed and submitted by artists of the community on our past time as an EC community.

Purpose: Multiple Gaming Platform community

Government: Leadership Council

Definition of purpose:

The VI Gaming Community is comprised of many individual communities of players of various games. The purpose of the said gaming community is to expand incorporate a multitude of players and expand to as many games as possible making it the greatest multi-platform multi-person gaming community ever existed.

Leadership Council

The Leadership council is the collection of Wolf Lords of the Great Companies that decide the future of this community, set the rules and codes of conduct and care to the wellbeing of said community. Leaders of Wolf Packs are Wolf Guards in rank and thus get no seat and no vote on the Council.